5 Best Atomberg Fans in India – Reviews

As the cheapest and easiest way of cooling in hot countries like India, fans have made a particular spot on our needs list. Ceiling fans don’t reduce the air temperature but circulate the air inside the room, creating a cooling effect. Ceiling fans are cheaper as an initial investment than an AC. The power consumption is also lower than an AC. In case of a power cut, fans can be easily used with a battery backup compared to an air conditioner.

If you have an AC as the primary source of cooling, a still ceiling fan is necessary as it acts as a backup if there is any break down in the air conditioner. Now selecting an ideal one from the market is kind of a headache for us. Don’t worry! As we brought you some best fans of Atomberg. Atomberg is an evolving company that offers smart and energy-efficient appliances that stand up to the global market. So, we have chosen a few of their elegant fans and will be providing buying guides for new customers.

Best Atomberg Fans in India

1) Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Efficio 1200mm 28W BLDC Energy Saving 5 Star Rated...

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This excellent ceiling from Atomberg has a stylish design that will give a new and complete look to your room. This fan has been designed on BLDCwhich Stands for Brushless Direct Current technology keeping the style, energy efficiency, and cooling in mind. This fan has a superior air delivery. It has a blade size of 1200 mm, which rotates at a high-speed of 400 RPM. It also has high carbon steel bearing.

The motor is of non-corrosive high-grade aluminum body and blades. The fan-run at a consistent speed even in case of significant voltage fluctuations. Its BLDC technology consumes only 28 watts at high-speed and about 6 watts at the lowest-speed. Compared to an ordinary induction-based ceiling fan Atomberg Efficio runs three times longer on an inverter battery.


  • It comes with a super-efficient BLDC motor
  • It comes with an inverter stabilization technology
  • It has a smart remote with sleep, boost, speed control, timer modes
  • It comes with two years onsite+1 year extended warranty on registration


  • Does not come with a free installations service

2) Atomberg Efficio Pedestal Fan

Atomberg Efficio+ 400mm BLDC motor Energy Saving Pedestal...

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This fantastic product from Atomberg comes with a BLDC motor that only consumes 32 watts at the highest speed. This fan has exclusive duel uses, as a Pedestal or table fan. These fans are made from ABS, which makes the fan and the blades rust-free. Atomberg Efficio+ runs twice the time of an ordinary induction-based Pedestal Fan.

Atomberg Efficio+ has a smart remote control with features like boost mode, oscillation control, and timer mode. Boost mode enables it to run at the highest speed, i.e., 1350 RPM. Timer mode turns the fan off at a fixed time.


  • It has 100 % Coopered motor for long life
  • Jerk-free and uniform oscillation
  • The energy-efficient BLDC motor
  • It has a slim metal body


  • Height adjustment is limited to only two height option

3) Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm 28W BLDC Motor with Remote Energy...

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This exclusive product from Atomberg has an innovative design that has an LED light that acts as a speed indicator and also as a night lamp. The fans are constructed from aluminum alloy, which makes the fan rust free. The fan’s blades are coated with anti-rust coatings above the paint that prevents the dust from sticking on them. Renesa+ fans have wide air spray and better air delivery due to its compact motor, increasing the span of the blades.

The bearing used in these fans are z+ shielded double ball bearing. The Renesa+ 1200 mm fans can be used in the luxury living room, bedroom, and has no humming sound. These fans are controlled by a smart remote that makes it interesting to use.


  • It comes with a metallic finish with anti-dust coatings
  • It is a high power fan
  • It has an inverter stabilization technology
  • The LED speed indicator
  • It comes with three years of warranty


  • This fan does not have a breeze function

4) Atomberg Renesa 600mm Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa 600mm 28W BLDC motor Energy Saving Ceiling...

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Atomberg Renesa series is the most significant innovation in the world of ceiling fans. These classy and compact looking fans are futuristic concerning both looks and performance. This fan has an RPM of 840 and has an air delivery of 125 cm. The Renesas fan helps you to save up to 65 percent on your electricity bill. It has features like sleep mode that will help the consumer sleep efficiently at night during cold nights without worrying about the room temperature.

These fans are designed to work well in most house rooms such as the living room, bedroom, dining space, gaming room, or studio. This fan will provide cooling to every corner while keeping the electricity bill low. The perfect blend of smart technology and energy efficiency make these fans the obvious choice for you.


  • Its super energy efficient BLDC motor
  • Its smart remote with multiple functions
  • It runs comparatively three times longer in an inverter battery
  • It has a sleek design and LED speed indicator
  • It also comes with inverter stabilization technology


  • The blades are tiny, only 600 mm

5) Atomberg Renesa Oak Wood

Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm 28W BLDC Motor with Remote Energy...

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This super smart and sleek designed fan from Atomberg has been constructed with aluminum alloy, making the fan and the blades rustproof. Due to BLDC technology, the fan consumes the only 228watt at high-speed and 8 watts at a low speed. It internally runs on 24 volts DC. This fan can help you save up to ₹ 1500 per year on electricity bills.

This fan has an exclusive Oakwood finish, dust-resistant, and prevents the dust from sticking in blades. This premium color also gives an attractive look to the room. The 1200 mm long blade helps the fan to sweep more amount of air for circulation. This fan is ideal for a room size of about 140sq.


  • The wooden finish with anti-dust coating
  • It comes with a BLDC technology motor
  • LED indicator for speed
  • It can run three-time longer in an inverter battery
  • It comes with three years of warranty


  • No installation service is provided

Buying Guide for the Best Atomberg Fans 

It is imperative to understand that there are several aspects that go into finding the right fan that fits your preferences. That being said, we have properly curated this section, providing you with the right assistance for your purchase.

Various Types of Fans 

There are various fans in the market, such as ceiling fans, Pedestal fan, and wall fan. According to their names, the fans have different positions for working. The ceiling fans are attached to the ceiling, and the Pedestal fans are used by standing them on the floor or can be used on tables. Wall fans are mounted on the walls.

With the difference in the positions, they also vary in functions. Ceiling and wall fans are fixed and cannot be moved easily, whereas the Pedestal Fans come with its stand and can be moved and placed in any room, and any side on the floor, or even on a table.

Variation in Blade Size and Number 

Fans are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and numbers. Different sizes are for different room sizes. The fans with the length of 1200 mm blades are the common ones and can be used in large rooms of size about 140 sq. There are fans with 600 mm and less, which are ideal for small spaces and cannot cover a decent area if used in a large-dimensional room.

There is also a verity in the number of the blade. The most common one is of 3 blades; there may also be fans with blades number 4 to 6. Generally, fans with more blades are more for the room’s decor, but they perform well too.

Features Availability on Fans

  • Added light: Some fans come with Built-in lights on them. They may be the ordinary bulb or LED lamp. LED lights are a better choice as they offer various options for color. The LED light also consumes much less power and has a long run time.
  • Added smart remote control: Fans are available in both manual control, and some are with smart remote control. The Smart Remote control is innovative and has vast features making it easy for you and providing more options. Manually controlled fans don’t have any added feature but are simple to understand and use, unlike the fans with smart remote as they are a little complicated to use.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How are super-efficient BLDC fans different from a regular fan?

Compared to ordinary fans, BLDC fans consume less electricity thrice. The primary mechanism is to save electricity saving by using a different type of motor used known as BLDC motor. Another main differentiating aspect includes BLDC fans tends to be offer a higher fan speed as compared to that of regular DC motors.

2) What is the wattage of BLDC ceiling fans?

The wattage required for a BLDC ceiling fan is only 28 watts, whereas the average voltage of an old non-star ceiling fan is around 75 watts. Hence, replacing the ordinary ceiling fan with a BLDC ceiling fan would save 63 % of electricity.

3) What is a sleep mode feature in the fans?

The speed of the fan can be controlled while sleeping at night without bothering your sleep. By this mode, the fan’s speed is decreased to 1 unit every 2 hours so that it does not lower the temperature too much low and feel you cold.

Final Thoughts

We have taken this smart feature fans from Atomberg. These are awarded products and are quality assured. We bet that you will never regret buying one of these. This article is detailed with features and also has to buy guides for consumers. Which will be easier for you, before buying you can satisfy your queries from this article. We are pleased to provide a helping hand for you.

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